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Poor Richard's Son: "Splice" (2009):The Creator has a Master Plan?....Hmmm -not this one-I hope--- YIKES

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Splice" (2009):The Creator has a Master Plan?....Hmmm -not this one-I hope--- YIKES

"Splice" (2009):The Creator has a Master Plan?....Hmmm -not this one-I hope--- YIKES
by Jeffery Massey on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 6:59pm

Just finished watching...Absolutely creepy flick & it made my skin

crawl...Horror/Science fiction in the best tradition...Still shaking my

head at the presentation of this concept...CHILLINGLY disgusting on a

visceral level. Deeply disturbing treatment of human experimentation &

scientific investigator's bias in an ethical examination genetic's

industry research...Think of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the

ALIEN film dynasty.

Watching this movie, I felt somehow compelled to see it through the

scifi-aficionado lens of Mary Shelley's infamous mad-scientist i.e.

God-Complex from "Frankenstein." yet, one must remember that Splice had

a very dominant sexual tension with highly Freudian themes involved. In

many ways the film addressed Greek tragedy i.e.Oedipal Complex,

Shakespearean themes including death of parents at the hands of

offspring for supremacy of the bloodline/species. As well, there the

Ridley Scott "Alien" meta theme regarding the sexuality of consuming &

becoming consumed during the act of creation...e.g. Alien

Chest-burster, Face-Hugger of Geiger's design, original Alien ship as

female orifice being violated, etc.

Even the theme of human-bestiality e.g. Beauty & the Beast is

prevalent. Whew, this movie tackled a lot of ground & that may have

been its only downfall; as it often superficially delved into

scientific. moral, ethical & socio-philosophical questions raised by

such a profound topic. Good try anyway....Thumbs up & would love to see

a decent sequel...

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