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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FRONTLINE | "Flying Cheap" Trailer | PBS

FRONTLINE "Flying Cheap" Trailer PBS The revelations on the shameless safety performances of regional carriers is absoultely astounding...The airlines indusrty views the value human life in terms of how the transportation industry sees baggage & freight...

Facebook | Jeffery Massey

Facebook Jeffery Massey: "Jeffery Massey Tales of the 7th District: Yet, another grim reminder of what it means to work in the most dangerous police district in the nation...God Bless them all...Colleagues: Slain officer believed in people's goodness - Chicago Breaking News
A day after fellow Englewood District Police officer Thomas Wortham IV was slain, colleagues remembered him as someone who never gave up on the people he was entrusted to protect.When Wortham returned ..."

Facebook | Jeffery Massey

Facebook Jeffery Massey: Laurence Fishburne to star as Thurgood Marshall: "I like your Jeffery Wright choice, his theater background is also outstanding...Any thoughts on Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman??? U R correct on the Cadillac Records miscast...I liked Wright better in Lackawanna Blues; a gritty performance that dripped of tormented conscience..."